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In today’s ever increasing and fast growing internet world, the need for a reliable and secure IT is important.The IT infrastructure has proven itself to be reliable, scalable and attainable to the point that it has advanced to be the backbone not only for internet and email services; but also for our satellite television distribution – DSTV / IPTV, telecommunications systems, and many other building  systems.

The design of the Information and Communication Technology System  (ICTS) as strategic approach is becoming a major contribution to a project’s success and future advancement.

As technology advances , satellite television, networking, energy management systems, fire detection systems, electronic security system, parking control systems, etc. which were once proprietary systems can now utilize  a common IT back bone – IP NETWORK.

The backbone can be designed in a manner that allows the systems to remain virtually independent of each other, or allow for advanced integration of the systems.

The use of a properly designed common IT backbone may reduce the client’s overrall installation and operation costs while allowing executives, property managers and system integrators - TARD to make real-time decisions intelligently.Whether it is single dwelling apartment, estates, hotels  or commecial office building; TARD can provide an ICTS  design that will provide a high level of reliability and redundancy while lowering operation and maintenance costs of other building systems by consolidating the infrastructure  requirements.

TARD work with the Client to determine present and future expectations. Once this is completed, we can design the IT solution such that the client gets exactly what is needed for the project.TARD’s professionalism and ability to expertly integrate superior technologies has inspired confidence and therefore repeat business with corporates, estate developers and architectural clients alike.

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